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Try the Purer Form of Botulin Tox Alternative for $128*

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Revanesse Versa

Try the Newer, Versatile Dermal Filler for $399*

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Try the Softer, Natural Lips Dermal Filler for $349*

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Try the Revolutionary Dermal Filler for $499*

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Lip Flip: $49
20 units: $128
30 units: $207
40 units: $286
50 units: $365

*Price includes your 1st month fee.

What is Xeomin?

XEOMIN®, like BOTOX® COSMETIC, is a form of botulinum toxin type A. However, it distinguishes itself as a "naked injectable," meaning it's a more purified form of the toxin without the protein additives found in Botox. This purification process potentially reduces the risk of developing resistance to the treatment. FDA-approved in 2010, XEOMIN® has quickly become a favored option for both cosmetic and medical applications, offering a smooth, youthful complexion by temporarily relaxing the muscles responsible for wrinkles.

Why Choose Xeomin?

Downtime: None. Step back into your life with no delay.
Pain Level: Minimal, ensuring a comfortable and serene treatment experience.
Results Duration: Embrace a refreshed look for up to 3-4 months.
Treats: Forehead lines, crow's feet, frown lines, and more.
Procedure: 10 minute appointment, micro injections to your face.
Onset: Witness the transformation within 5-7 days.
Price: For a limited time, try 20 units of XEOMIN®, a purer FDA approved wrinkle relaxer for $128 when you join the Loyalty Rewards Program*

Try Xeomin, The New-Tox for $128*

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What is Revanesse Versa?

REVANESSE® VERSA™, a newer entrant in the dermal filler domain, has quickly garnered attention for its innovative approach to facial rejuvenation. Like Juvederm, it is based on hyaluronic acid, ensuring compatibility with the body's natural processes. Versa distinguishes itself with a unique manufacturing technique that yields perfectly spherical HA particles, promising a smoother, more consistent application. It's particularly noted for its effectiveness in addressing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, offering a rejuvenated appearance with minimal discomfort.

Why Choose Revanesse Versa?

Downtime: None. Resume your daily activities immediately post-treatment.
Pain Level: Minimal, with a focus on ensuring a comfortable experience.
Results Duration: Enjoy your revitalized look for up to 3-6 months depending on the injected area.
Treats: Nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips, cheeks, and more.
Procedure: Quick and efficient, typically completed in as little as 15 minutes.
Onset: See immediate improvements with optimal results developing over a few days.
Price: For a limited time, try REVANESSE® VERSA™ for $399 for one syringe!

Try Revanesse Versa, The Versatile Dermal Filler for 50% OFF*

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What is Belotero?

BELOTERO BALANCE® is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler that is FDA approved in 2011, stands out for its unique ability to integrate with the skin's tissue, making it an excellent choice for treating very fine lines and delicate areas. Its lower density compared to Juvederm and Restylane allows for superficial injection, ideal for achieving a smooth finish without compromising the natural feel and movement of the face. Belotero's unique formulation allows for smoother integration with your skin, offering a more natural look and feel.

Why Choose Belotero?

Downtime: Virtually none, allowing you to continue your day uninterrupted.
Pain Level: Minimal, with a gentle approach for a comfortable experience.
Results Duration: Revel in your rejuvenated appearance for up to 3-6 months depending on the area injected.
Treats: Fine lines, delicate areas, lips, cheeks, and more.
Procedure: Quick, 15 - 30 minute appointment.
Onset: Immediate improvement with optimal results developing in days.
Price: Try the soft and natural feeling BELOTERO BALANCE® for $349 for one syringe. Limited time!

Try BELOTERO, FDA Approved Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler for $349*

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What is Radiesse?

RADIESSE® is a dermal filler approved by the FDA for cosmetic use, known for its ability to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds. It's also used for enhancing volume in areas like the cheeks and, in some cases, for non-surgical butt lifts. Radiesse is made from Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel carrier, stimulating your body's collagen production for long-lasting results.

Why Choose Radiesse?

Downtime: None. Resume your daily life immediately post-treatment.
Pain Level: Minimal, with techniques designed for your comfort.
Results Duration: Enjoy the dual benefits of immediate correction and long-lasting skin improvement for up to 12 months.
Treats: Smile lines, marionette lines, chin wrinkles, and provides cheek and buttocks rejuvenation.
Procedure: Quick, 30 minute appointment with a focus on achieving natural, beautiful results.
Onset: Visible improvements right after treatment, with collagen growth for lasting skin enhancement.
Price: Limited time. Take advantage of our amazing deal: one syringe (1.5mL) for $499.

Try Radiesse, the Revolutionary Dermal Filler for $499*

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South Sacramento's Popular Medspa Beauty Treatments

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Xeomin Lip Flip

Get fuller, natural-looking lips with XEOMIN® Lip Flip for $49 when you join the Loyalty Rewards Program*

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Xeomin Liquid Brow Lift

Get naturally beautiful brows with XEOMIN® Liquid Brow Lift for $128 when you join the Loyalty Rewards Program*

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Hello, my name is Cassie! I am a board- certified nurse practitioner (NP) from Sacramento, CA with over a decade of clinical experience. I started my career as a RN in several different trauma units after completing my undergraduate at San Francisco State. I then completed my Masters of Science in Nursing and graduated from Samuel Merritt University. Since obtaining my board certification as a family nurse practitioner from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) in 2015 I have worked as an NP in family medicine, emergency medicine and a med spa. I have been injecting for several years with botox and dermal fillers and have extensive knowledge with skincare.
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What Our Patients Have to Say

Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob
5 star service ill be coming back for more great service Cassie is great she is friendly an professional
Lina Vasquez
Lina Vasquez
I got Xeomin all over my forehead and lip for the first time. And I can’t get over how natural looking my results are! I’m loving how polished and refreshed my face looks. The best part is it’s fast and pain free. Thank you, Cassie!! 😊
Savannah Shackelford
Savannah Shackelford
Went in for a lip flip, looks great. Subtle but makes a difference, worth the price!
Blake Geyer
Blake Geyer
Cassie is so knowledgeable and has great bedside manner! She’s so accommodating to the nerves I get before my appointments and does everything she can to make me feel comfortable. She has great follow up to check in and really cares about her clients.
Kathi Kanae
Kathi Kanae
Betsey Rose
Betsey Rose
I just had my second appt., last one being in June. Both times I got Xeomin and filler, with no bruising and minimal discomfort. Cassie’s approach is gentle and comforting. I appreciate her honesty, professionalism and I am pleased with the results.

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